Note from editorial team

Festive season is just around the corner!

It seems that only moments ago, everyone was sharing news about their holidays in the sun or a spooky Halloween season. However, today the preparations are in full swing—you can see the lights coming on, start to smell the turkey, and hear the carols in the distance.

On behalf of the SDTC Solutions team and with thanks to our wonderful partner Grando Invest we wish you all happy Christmas a strong and sustainable New Year.

In the coming year, we will publish ‘SDTC Gazette’ on a regular basis so that you know what is going on in the world of technology and digital transformation. In the meantime, you can enjoy our first issue. 



Mikhail Oreshkin

Head of Business Development

“Progress is relentless and endless so you either stay ahead of it or end up chasing it for the rest of the life.”

Through out history countries either attempetd to be infront of the industrial revolutions and innovations thus ensuring their place on the global leaderboards. Newer split among the industries can be seen through the world as some still try and stick to the traditional ways where others fully embrace the digitisation of the world.

Seeing these opportunities is what SDTC and now XIC Solutions specialise at. From my first interaction with Martin, I realised how much there is beyond the specter of normal peception and what possobilities are actually avaliable. These simple thoughts motivated me to look outside the box and even before coming to SDTC use this approach to change the style of governing and my last place of work. Not only it benefited the business at the managment level and fixed some of the issues on the existing projects but allowed for a vision which led to expansion on the market which before seemed like an impossible task. Staying ahead or atleast at the level of the competion is essential for survival in the modern world as time is one of the only dimesions which travels only in one direction and can not be reversed.

With SDTC Solution reaching out to the East and oppening a new office in UAE it is the first step in the right direction of expansion which will show the path for others to follow and guied them to explore the new frontiers of the digitised world. 



Martin Denz


“It is important to remember that a digital transformation is a versatile tool and not a magic ticket to a better

The Covid pandemic has shown that organisations are under increasing pressure to quickly “digitise” their business and services to cope with the changes and successfully compete with emerging challengers for increased customer’s satisfaction.

Nowadays consumers want to constantly and equally comfortable interact with companies through different communication channels – choosing the ones situationally most suitable to them. According to Deloitte (2020), 75% of consumers expect consistent interactions between all divisions of the company. 86% of customers, while communicating with a company, want to be able to switch between channels. 92% expressed satisfaction with online chats connection, making it their preferred support channel. 78% contact brands about quality of service from mobile devices. Among millennials, this figure is as high as 90%, so organisations need to invest in new digital services.

Understanding these trends, we at SDTC Solutions aren’t trying to sell our customers a bunch of subscriptions to new services or platforms from IT giants (or their local challengers), but rather help them developing an actionable strategy that would add value to the business and will naturally digitalise it. We don’t deliver IT projects, there are only Business Development projects we’re doing. Covid-19 has accelerated all automation and digital transformation programs for years to come, giving the 4th Industrial Revolution a massive boost. The pandemic has taught businesses an important lesson – they must be digital throughout to be future-proof.



Lianna Konig

Head of Analytics, Research & Insights

“Even a historian can be a data analyst.”

A diverse workplace isn’t just a tool to impress potential minority workers. Companies with a wide range of employees benefit from a broader set of skills, experiences and perspectives, which together can give companies a powerful advantage over their competitors.

While having an “old school” team of people with the same background might naturally feel easier to navigate, it is the multiculturalisms and different experiences and expertise which help to bring new innovative perspectives. The focus on cognitive differences implemented by some companies is simply an excuse to maintain the status quo.

Having a background in history and political science, I don’t fit into an ordinary description of a data analyst but I can use my political and anthropological knowledge to understand cycles and patterns of behaviour. Moreover, the knowledge about past economic boom
and bust periods in different regions has proven to be a tremendous asset when trying to contextualise, explain, and predict client behaviour. As in any job, I have realised that in order to be a good data analyst, you need a firm grasp of the skills required to help your employer solve business problems, and the ability to make a convincing case for what you can do, but not a particular degree in economics, maths or conventional science.

SDTC solutions reflects a team of individuals with different skillset, different expertise and different cultures. Individual differences make each of our team members unique. And it is this uniqueness that diversifies and evolves our workplace, allowing everyone to connect and learn from each other.