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There’s no difference what industry you’re in. Whether you’re in private, public or third sector. What size your company or organisation is. Whether you like it or dread it, we’re living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And as with the past three, the only sure thing about it is that if you ignore it, you’ll lose in the only race that matters – the race towards successful and prosperous future.

At SDTC Solutions we don’t offer you an oven-ready solution of harnessing Industry 4.0, but to partner our expertise, knowledge and skills in Digital Transformation with your business acumen and vision for the future to develop an actionable strategy, tools, organisational structure, policies & clear roadmaps to grow the business, control the costs and improve the customer experience – to stay competitive and win in business, to secure our communities, to provide new unthinkable opportunities for disadvantaged groups today and future generations tomorrow.

Our Story

Having studied hundreds of digital transformation stories from around the world, we’ve learnt that technological prowess is rarely the key to successful transformation in Industry 4.0 times – Cloud/Fog/Edge computing, IoT, Big Data, Robots, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, 5G, etc. today are not more than steam power in 18th, electricity in 19th or computers in 20th centuries. Ignoring them is a huge mistake, but so is considering the emerging tech a silver bullet.

That’s why we developed our highly successful approach to digital business transformation, which prioritises the improvement of business & operational processes as well as customer experiences. We then help identifying the right technology mix to achieve lasting improvements in those areas, updating (or introducing) the risk management practices & procedures and ensuring your organisation’s most valuable asset – it’s people – is ready for continued efficient, secure and productive work.

What we do

Digital transformation
program management,
strategy & consulting

Development of data-driven transformational strategies, technical specifications and roadmaps for businesses of any size, non-profit or public sector organisations.
Interim management assignments or outsourced project/program management models, depending on the organisation’s needs, timelines and budget.

Risk management

Advising and coaching of your leadership team on responding to challenges and harnessing opportunities of Industry 4.0, regulatory changes and other emerging business risks – expert opinion & practical recommendations on implementation of innovative technical solutions, organisational development, communication or other areas, where modern technology becomes a threat or a competitive business advantage.

Improving organisational
preparedness & resillience

Analysing, testing and improving of business continuity and emergency management programs, procedures, policies and tools. Simple and efficient ISO22301-aligned maturity model to design and develop business-specific response capability, aimed at the sweet spot of minimising the cost and maximising response/recovery effectiveness.


Martin Denz

Interim Digital Transformation Manager
SDTC Solutions Founder

Who We Are

SDTC Solutions is led by Martin Denz, an agile-minded digital transformation professional with years of experience in Hi-Tech R&D, IT Operations as well as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Construction, Education & Finance industries. Martin built a satisfying and successful career at Intel Corporation for 17 years, but one thing about digital transformation (both for Intel and its customers) always felt wrong for him – when the business results and customer experiences were eclipsed by tech talks full of buzz words, followed by the sales of computers, software and services, often resulting in overspending on IT, customer disenchantment in digital transformation and loss of trust to IT professionals.

Martin’s approach was always business-first, even before he received his MBA from Moscow Business School in 2012, which was honed by post-grad courses from Imperial College Business School and The University of Edinburgh, while being very technology-savvy (his first MSc degree is in Computer Science). He prioritises the business needs and helps the customers decipher complex IT concepts, try modern approach to solving real-life business problems and then purchase the exact combination of IT products & services they need.

The team of professional project managers, data scientists, solutions architects, designers and process improvement specialists from SDTC Solutions is not affiliated with any big (or small) IT names, equally comfortable with all and any technologies on the market or already deployed in the customer environment. Our priority is creating or adding the value to our client’s business, not selling them software subscriptions, datacentre space or servers.

To grow SDTC Solutions outreach in target geographies, we’re happy to announce our new Head of Business Development – Mr Mikhail Oreshkin. Mikhail is bringing his experience from his past career at Russian Direct Investment Fund, followed by running a national-scale hostel business in Russia. In RDIF Mikhail was an integral part of the team to market and promote worldwide the Sputnik V vaccine in 2020-21. As a Director of Business Development at Atlantis Hostel group Mikhail managed to double the number of properties around Moscow and facilitated almost double revenue growth.

Mikhail attained his BA and MSc degrees in Royal Holloway University in the UK. In addition to that Mikhail has travelled the world and has gathered tons of personal experience, which uniquely positioned him as a great addition to the joined SDTC & XICS teams.


Mikhail Oreshkin

Head of Business Development

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